Canadian Chamber Launches 'Our Restaurants' Campaign


When the pandemic started, our restaurants were among the first and hardest hit. Despite their own challenges, they worked hard to support communities, those in need, and find new and innovative ways to safely serve customers. But despite this, many of our restaurants aren’t sure if they’ll be able to keep going – the numbers just don’t work when so many tables are empty and new costs are so high.

Just as our restaurants have always been there for important moments in our lives, now we need to be here for them.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has launched 'Our Restaurants'- a campaign dedicated to sharing stories and updates of one of the hardest hit industries by the pandemic. With the support of 14 food service businesses, representing more than 60 brands, we are putting a spotlight on the current situation faced by Canada’s restaurants amidst COVID-19 — high costs, fewer customers and government programs that are ill equipped for the unique, long-term challenges confronting the industry — and are urging governments to take measures to ensure their survival. For more information, visit OurRestaurants.ca.