Municipal Development Plan & Land Use Bylaw Meeting For Local Businesses

On September 14, Drumheller Town Council gave first reading to a new Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Land Use Bylaw. The public hearing is scheduled for October 26th. On October 22 at 12:00pm, local businesses were invited to join the Drumheller Chamber and the Drumheller Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Office for an overview on the MDP and LUB.

The meeting was held via Zoom; you can view the recording here.


 Additional info:

The Municipal Development Plan is the Town’s visionary community plan. It provides high level guidance, goals and policy. The Drumheller MDP does what few municipal plans have managed to do, place disaster response and the changing climate directly at the core of its growth logic and long term vision. By placing the river at the heart of planning, the MDP supplants decades of reactive policies with bold, pro-active measures.

The LUB introduces many key innovations. It shifts the system from “use” to “form”, reconnecting regulation to intent and greatly simplifies the document structure. Twenty-one districts have been reduced to eight and further innovations related to signage and parking modernize Drumheller’s ability to attract investment.

The New MDP

The New LUB