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Dinosaur Valley Studios

Since 2006, Frank Hadfield, the owner of Dinosaur Valley Studios, has continued his passion for natural history and construction here in the valley. Located in East Coulee, they have created diverse exhibits and set designs for clients worldwide. We interviewed him and asked about his company's creation and their projects' production.
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Asteroid has been serving quality premium burgers, ice cream and handmade chicken tenders since 2009. We interviewed owner Julian Chalmers and asked what led him to start his business and the initial challenges he faced.
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Drumheller Registries

With an utmost dedication to their clients, Drumheller Registries have been recognized as the 2022 Small Business of the Year winner. They have proudly served since 2017 and continue to be comprehensive with your vehicle and corporate registration needs. We interviewed owner Brandi Schneider and asked how they maintain prompt and accurate services throughout the years.
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A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections - Steve Pittman

Your home is one of the most valuable investments you will make, and an inspection can give you insight into your purchase. We interviewed Steve Pittman and asked why he chose to become an inspector and the skills needed to perform a reliable service.
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Pro-Active Building Maintenance

Owned and operated by Darryl Reid and family, Pro-Active Building Maintenance provides professional quality commercial janitorial and floor care services. In addition, they provide carpet and upholstery cleaning for homes and businesses in the Drumheller Valley and area.
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