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Mission Possible

The Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce is proud to bring you: Mission Possible.

You are a secret agent and your mission is clear: TO SUPPORT LOCAL!

You will be asked to undertake weekly tasks to complete this mission.

Every week, from Monday July 12th - Monday August 2nd, you will be given a list of 3 tasks to complete for prizes!

At the end of each week the list of tasks will self-destruct and a new set of tasks will appear.

All tasks for each week must be completed to submit your entry.

Only one entry per person each week will be accepted, so make it count.  Duplicate names, emails or receipts will be considered compromised and destroyed.

2 weekly prizes will be drawn at the end of each week, and the ULTIMATE STAYCATION grand prize valued at $1000 (including $500 Chamber Cash) will be drawn at the end!

Week 4 - 9:00AM Monday, August 2, 2021
Please note: you must enter information for ALL 3 tasks below or else the submission will not work.

Week 4 Tasks:
Tell us, secret agent: What’s something NEW you’ve learned about a local business in the past few weeks? Type what you’ve discovered in the Task 1 box below!
TASK 2: Watch the video below for instructions, and upload your photo below.
TASK 3: Take a photo of an item you found in a local business that you would LOVE to receive as a gift, and upload the photo in the Task 3 data below.

Good luck, secret agents! We’ll draw for the Week 4 winners and the Grand Prize Staycation Package on Monday, August 9th.

Week 4