Covid-19 Info & Resources
Chamber Rapid Testing Program

The Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce is one of many Chambers in Alberta that have entered into an agreement with the province to distribute free Rapid Testing Kits to businesses.

The rapid tests can only be used to test asymptomatic employees at the workplace, and the business must agree to submit results each Monday to the DDCC to report to the government. Please note that the test results cannot be used by employees to enter businesses implementing the Restriction Exemption Program, or for travel purposes. The tests are meant as a proactive measure.

Further details can be found below; interested businesses can call the Chamber at 403-823-8100 or email for the agreement.

Who is the rapid testing program available to?

Businesses with 150 employees or less can apply to the program through their local Chamber of Commerce.  

What is the cost of the program?

The program is free.  Your business will need to source out their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Who can administer tests?

Only trained individuals can administer tests.  Individuals that administer tests do not have to be health care workers.  Your employees can administer their own rapid test provided they have reviewed the training materials and have their result verified by a manager.

Who can be tested?

Vaccinated and unvaccinated asymptomatic employees and/or volunteers only can be tested.  The tests must not be administered to your business’s clients or customers.  Any employees or volunteers that are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms cannot be tested and must get a PCR test and isolate.

How often do employees need to be tested?

Employees must be tested at least once a week, up to two times a week.  Employees must not be tested less than the agreement states.  One time testing is not available through this program.

What if an employee tests positive for COVID-19 or the test is inconclusive?

Employee(s) must be instructed to isolate and are required to receive a PCR test through Alberta Health Services.  Inconclusive results may be tested one additional time.  If that test is positive or inconclusive, the employee must isolate and get a PCR test.

When do you need to submit reporting?

Testing periods run from Sunday to Saturday.  Reporting must be submitted to the Drumheller & District Chamber of Commerce every Monday using the reporting template provided.  All test results must be reported.  Failure to submit reporting will result in termination of agreement and unused testing kits will need be returned.

What you need to administer tests:

• Biohazard container

• Gloves

• Face shield

• Mask

• Designated area to perform the tests

• Designated staff member who will perform or supervise testing