Drumheller's Little Church

The DDCC owns and maintains Drumheller's Little Church, a long-standing landmark in the Drumheller Valley. It was
first erected by local contractor Tyvge "Tig" Seland in cooperation with the ministerial association on July 9, 1968 and later reconstructed by inmates of the Drumheller Institution in 1991. The concept for the Little Church came from Reverend E.C. O’Brien of the Pentecostal Church. It was designed by Robert “Bob” Gibson and constructed by Seland, who is also credited with building the numerous dinosaur statues around town. It was designed as a place of worship and meditation.

The Little Church was discovered to have been vandalised on October 30, 2014. A fire that had been started inside the Little Church had burned a hole through the floor, and some smoke damage was present. After closer inspection, extensive repairs were deemed necessary to ensure the longevity of the popular attraction. Through a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and the Drumheller Institution, the Little Church was removed from its site by the Town of Drumheller’s Public Works department and moved to the carpentry shop at the Institution in February 2015. Materials were provided by the Chamber of Commerce with DeMott Floors Ltd. donating new flooring. Inmates enrolled in the pre-Carpentry program were tasked with refurbishing the Little Church.

The Little Church is always open to the public and free to enter. If you wish to use the Little Church for a ceremony there is no cost, however donations are appreciated to help with maintenance costs. We cannot officially "close" the Church for ceremonies but we can place a notice on the door to help provide some privacy. Please contact the Chamber at 403-823-8100 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to get further help with booking the Little Church for a ceremony.

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Drumheller's Little Church...Seating 10,000 people - 6 at a time.

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