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Chamber Cash

What is Chamber Cash?

Chamber Cash is a new local gift certificate program created by the Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce in an effort to help keep dollars circulating in our community. Chamber Cash vouchers are available in $20 or $50 and can be spent like gift certificates at local businesses that opt in. The DDCC will then redeem businesses at full value for vouchers they receive. There is no cost for businesses to participate.

Businesses and nonprofits that wish to participate in the program can read more and sign up here.

Chamber Cash can be purchased online or at the Chamber office during our regular business hours. We are located at 60 1st Ave W, Drumheller, beside the Drumheller Memorial Arena and the Spray Park.

Please note: Chamber Cash is meant to be used like a gift certificate. Some businesses may provide change if you don't spend the full amount, but some don't, and they are not required to. We encourage you to spend the full amount or ask if the business will provide change before using it.