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DDCC Board of Directors Vacancy

Presently the Drumheller & District Chamber of Commerce (DDCC) Board of Directors has a vacancy. As per our by-laws, the Board may appoint a member to fill the vacant position. The appointment would be valid only until the next Annual General Meeting (March 2022) at which time the Director position would be filled by election.

Prior to the Board appointing a Director, the position must be advertised for a period of 30 days to seek interest from the membership. Following the 30 day period, the Board shall appoint a Director from the members having expressed an interest. If the number of members expressing an interest is greater than the number of vacancies (in this case only one seat is available), then a General Meeting would be called to have an election for the Director’s position.

If any Chamber member in good standing (membership paid by January 31, 2021) is interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please complete the expression of interest no later than Tuesday, May 11 and submit to the DDCC. For more information, please email or call 403-823-8100.

Thank you.


Heather Bitz

Executive Director