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The Fossil Shop

The Fossil Shop

What made you start your own business?

Although I started my career with teaching, I found myself collecting rocks and fossils as a hobby in Drumheller. My family accompanied me on these trips and soon enough I got serious and collected big skeletons. I wanted to start a museum with the fossils I have gathered but opened the Fossil Shop instead. Ever since then, for 34 years, we have been in the same location and have offered an assortment of minerals, stones and gifts.

What is one thing people are surprised to learn about your business?

That we sell real fossils! We don’t do reproductions and have curated our collection with real fossils. There is no plastic, and we eliminate it all except for some of the jewelry. Some of it are hand-made but the stone is real.

What are you looking forward the most now that the restrictions are more open?

Well, I study maps and old literature to find fossils. A lot of them lead me to places where you can find fossils from the 20s and the 30s.  So, I plan these expeditions, and my wife and I go down to the United States to collect fossils from ranches and farmers. But because of the pandemic, we couldn’t do our travels. This fall, we have a trip planned for 4-6 weeks and look forward doing that.

What do you value the most being a Chamber of Commerce member?

Being able to promote the community and serve its needs and interests.

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